Making Your Event Magical on the Inside, Too

Make your event extra special on the inside too…

How your tipi is furnished, lit, heated and the flooring used all help to create the original, individual atmosphere you want your guests to enjoy. From an authentic, rustic Nordic look in keeping with the tipi’s origins to intimate, romantic fairy lights and flowers to full-on disco bling, we can help you to make your tipi look incredible on the inside too. Let us help you with these options:

Tables and seating for tipis

Solid pine long tables and benches are always a popular choice for creating a great look and ensuring your guests can enjoy your event with more ‘family-style’ seating for up to 8 people per table.

If you’d prefer to use wooden chairs, or a combination of benches and chairs for your guests’ comfort, we can arrange whatever you need. The pine tables don’t need tablecloths, so you’ll achieve a traditionally relaxed and rustic look.

You could also add reindeer skins to the benches for the ultimate in soft and warm seating. These give a really special Nordic touch to your ambience and will certainly make your décor more memorable! For a more formal setting, you might prefer round tables seating up to 10 people. These will need tablecloths (not supplied) so you can personalise the space with your colour scheme and create a more intimate seating arrangement. Round tables need to be used with chairs, which again you can cover or decorate to suit your theme.

Stratus 72: The Giant Hat
The Cirrus 40

Tipi lighting

Matching your tipi lighting to the mood you want to create is really essential and gives the wow factor. We can provide some incredible lighting for your tipi, or source anything else you need to make your event as imaginatively lit as you like.

Of course, you’ll want to set the scene as your guests approach by having the tipi spectacularly lit from outside as well as within. So you might want to think about carefully placed spot lights or flame torches to welcome your guests to your extraordinary event.

Inside, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! For a magical, romantic, spellbinding setting you might be thinking twinkling fairy lights and subdued down-lighters creating pools of light on tables and features. Or perhaps you want to create a more breath-taking scene, with theatrical spotlights, mirror balls and coloured LED lighting.

Whichever- we can provide or source all the tipi lighting solutions you need to ensure your atmosphere and ambience is just how you want it for your special event.


Flooring and staging

There are a number of options for tipi flooring, with matting being the most popular. Laid over a damp-proof membrane, tipi matting comes in a natural colour that matches the tent’s canvas and doesn’t detract from your own theme and colour scheme.

You can also choose to have carpet flooring. We will use a recyclable carpet in line with our commitment to the environment.

If you need a firmer surface under the tipi flooring, we’ll lay an interlocking black plastic floor first. This can also be used without any covering, for example as the walkway to your tipi entrance, for spaces outside the tent and even as a dance floor.

Dance floors for tipis come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and budget. The oak parquet tipi dance floor is interlocking to be made up to the size you require and is edged with an aluminium rim to ensure no trip hazards for your guests.

If you require staging for your band or DJ, we can certainly arrange for tipi staging to be made up in sections to the dimensions that suit your needs.

Nimbus - Our Baby Tipi

Fireplaces and heating

To create a really special atmosphere and focal point for your guests, you can opt to have an open fire in the centre of your tipi.

Open fires for tipis are quite safe – they are timber-framed and have a sheet metal firebox on top so that the base of the fire is raised and visible for your guests to enjoy.

To ensure no flames can get near the canvas, open fires for tipis do need to be placed in the centre of the tent. But the chimney system will ensure there is no smoke – just the sight of dancing flames and the crackle of logs we all love!

The open fire for your tipi won’t be enough to heat the tent on its own during colder weather. We supply external diesel powered heaters which are incredibly effective. They work by ducting warm air under the bottom edge of the canvas which then circulates to keep your guests warm and comfortable even on the coldest day or night.

Nimbus - Our Baby Tipi

Generators and portable toilets

We will source and hire generators and portable toilets for you from suppliers local to you and your event. When we’ve agreed your needs you can relax and we’ll do the rest. These costs will be included in the bespoke quote we’ll give you for your tipi hire.

For more help with tipi furnishings and tipi decoration, just ask! We can also help with floristry, soft furnishings and anything else you’d like to make your tipi look amazing inside and out. Simply contact us for a free consultation about your tipi furnishing, tipi lighting, tipi flooring and tipi heating needs.