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Month: January 2023

Wellness Festival : Your Perfect Structure Hire Partner

Event Structures For Wellness Festival

We’re all familiar with food and music festivals. These are a popular annual must for many. An increased awareness of mental and physical wellbeing since COVID, has lead to an explosion of events offering festival goers the chance to immerse themselves in a world of self-care. A whole new festival niche has been born. The wellness, wellbeing and fitness trend is truly here to stay.

In a world of self-care choosing structures that blend with the natural environment gives your festival goers a truly immersive experience. Help bring the outdoors in whilst creating all important shelter from the elements. Our blog will explore our range of structures on offer for your next festival event.

At All About Me we like to think outside the box and move with the latest trends. Let us talk about how we can help you achieve the perfect setting for your Wellness festival with our structures and furnishings.

Tipi, Marquee, Stretch Tent & Sperry Tent

Tranquil Tipi’s For Your Wellbeing Festival

Tipis are our staple festival hire structure and for good reason. They offer a fantastic flexibility making them a perfect space at your wellness festival. The rustic styling is fitting for those wanting to be at one with nature. The tipi structures can be hired as a single structure or joined together to create a larger bespoke space. Built with the sides down ,tipi’s give an intimate setting for your guest speakers. Alternatively, this configuration can give a more secure location for a retail outlet. We can build the tipi with some or all of the sides open, where you could create a relaxing space for self-reflection or a meeting point for friends. Combine the tipis with our fireplaces to create a cosy warmth.

At All About Me we use Tentipi structures to ensure the finest quality tents for your wellbeing festival. Tentipi have been making Nordic tents for 34 years. They have continually developed and refined their product to ensure the highest standards are achieved. You can also be assured that your event will have a very genuine product to help your wellness festival stand out.

Tentipi have made sustainability a priority in their business, with their sustainable forest management built to last approach. They are committed to giving back and are working closely with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. This makes a Tentipi structure from All About Me a fantastic choice to align with environmental goals of your wellness festival or event.


Tipis at Wellness Festivals

Serene Sperry Tents For Your Wellbeing Weekends

Our Sperry tents are spectacular. They create a real peaceful and serene environment. The oyster coloured sailcloth material allows natural light to flood into your event space.  Especially the fluttering flags above creating a peaceful tranquillity. These qualities of the Sperry tent make it the perfect choice for quiet meditation, relaxation, or yoga sessions. Available in a variety of sizes the Sperry tent will fit perfectly with the size of your wellness or fitness festival.

There are a number of sailcloth tents available on the hire market, like anything these can vary in quality. All About Me are proud to be an official Sperry partner. These tents are renowned across the globe for their quality and New England Heritage.

Sperry Tents are sustainably designed and manufactured in a post and beam barn powered by a solar array.  Subsequently the sustainable message is fantastic for your business and wellbeing event.

For more information regarding our Sperry tents please see our Sperry blog –

Light and airy Sperry tent

Sleek Stretch Tent For Your Fitness Events

The perfect name for a tent at a fitness or wellness festival is our stretch tent. These fantastic pole supported canvases create an open space, whilst keeping you sheltered from the great British weather come rain or shine. The open sides allow for air to flow through the structure, ideal for those slightly sweatier activities. These structures also make a great space for a bar area, for guests to mingle and relax. Their open design really allow you to enjoy the environment around you to the maximum.

We use FreeformÒ stretch tents manufactured in South Africa with quality and innovation. The fabric looks awesome by night with the use of colourful up-lighters. This gives great versatility to adapt your space into more of a party vibe as the evening draws in.

Tailor to your wellness festival requirements with a choice of sizes.

Yoga in front of Stretch tent at Wellness Festival

Practical Marquee Space For Your Wellness Festival

As with every type of festival there is a requirement for practical space. Our marquees are popular for wellness festival customers looking to create changing areas and event ticketing spaces. Our Pagoda is a great option to create a food village dishing up some well-deserved grub for your festival goers.

Marquees are modular and can be built in a range of sizes for your wellness or fitness event. Our team are on hand to discuss your requirements.

All About Me use the best possible hire structures. It is ours and our customers reputation we are putting on display and there is no exception even with our staple marquee structures. We use German designed and manufactured HTS tents. We work with them to deliver a range of solutions for your event. Always working on continuous improvement and sustainable development.

White PVC Pagoda and Marquee Ideal for Fitness Festivals

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All About Our Magestic Sperry Tent

20 x 26m Sperry tent wedding

All About ME are incredibly proud to be part of the exclusive Sperry Partner Team. Our Sperry tents are extremely special and create truly amazing spaces for your event. Our planning team at All About ME just LOVE working with these dreamy structures, they scream opulence in a calm and serene way!

Become Enchanted By The Sperry Tent Effect

The Sperry brand breathes life into your event. Steeped in heritage Sperry built its reputation making bespoke sails for yachts across the US.  A request for a “Party Tent’ from a friend to shelter their guests from a turn in the weather set Sperry to push their boundaries, using their integrity and craftsmanship combining the soft oyster canvas with spruce pine milled poles. The party went on into the night and the Sperry tent was born!

Sperry Tent dressed for rustic garden wedding.

Standing inside a quiet Sperry tent we dare you to not be transported onto a yacht. Hearing the flags flutter above and soft light flooding through the sailcloth canvas. You instantly feel at peace! Don’t let that fool you once your guests arrive watch the atmosphere change as the Sperry breathes life and soul into your event.

Our Sperry tents provide a beautiful setting for your wedding, party, festival or corporate event! The oyster canvas creates the perfect blank space for you to create a bespoke style for your personal requirements. The only limit is your imagination.

Sperry Tent Sizes

Our breathtaking Sperry tents come in 4 different sizes perfect for all events.

10m x 22m – Up to 80 seated guests

14m x 26m – Up to 130 seated guests

14m x 32m – Up to 150 seated guests

20m x 26m – Up to 200 seated guests

The Sperry Tents are also able to be connected together through a Sperry Arch, this then gives you the option to create different spaces for your guests.

Sperry Canopy for Unbelievable Natural Light & Space

Sperry tent glow at night

The Sperry tent’s oyster coloured sailcloth canvas and iconic silhouette; provides a flattering light with timeless elegance. Clear side walls allow the space to be filled with natural light throughout. Inside is a perfect communal dinning and party area , high peaks ensure the space feels incredibly grand. At night watch the Sperry transform. Twinkling lights draped from the pole tops, creates a magical atmosphere.

Adding That Extra WOW Factor To Your Sperry

Start as your mean to go on. Make a grand entrance to your Sperry with one of our beautiful Sperry arches, available in two sizes these look stunning draped in seasonal florals. Moving in to the Sperry, create an impressive focal point with our Sperry hoops, perfect to decorate with foliage and flowers they draw your eyes up to the spectacular canopy above. The hoops are also a great way of highlighting the location of your bar! We offer a fantastic oak round bar which sits perfectly around the milled spruce pine poles of the Sperry tent. Looking for an area for your guests to rest and put up their dancing feet? Why not use one of our larger Sperry arches, paired with our rattan sofa sets and coffee tables to create the perfect chill out area.

Sperry hoop, arch & round bar

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We’d love to talk to you about your Sperry Tent event, please contact us on 01244 360214.  Alternatively if you would like to look at more beautiful Sperry images please click the link for our instagram page.


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