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7 excellent reasons to hire a tipi over winter

Just another quick reminder about our amazing winter offer….

“Book a tipi from All About ME for any event between October 2015 and March 2016 and you will get 15% off your tipi hire costs AND free fairy lights!”

You may be thinking this doesn’t apply to you because you are already married, or it isn’t your birthday until June, but there are a whole host of other reasons to hire a tipi;

  1. An amazing Christmas Party – impress all of your friends and family by hosting an extravagant party this festive season complete with your favourite Christmas music, log fire pits, christmas jumpers and maybe even a visit from santa. It doesn’t have to be a huge soiree. just one tipi will comfortably host up to 60 people.
  2. A special anniversary – are your parents celebrating a significant wedding anniversary this year? Why not organise a surprise party for them in a Tipi? Their friends will love the relaxed atmosphere and the uniMedia City 2que setting. Maybe it could be an afternoon tea party? The gusts will all be kept warm and dry no matter what the weather.
  3. A 40th birthday party – picture this – you invite all of your closest friends and family to a hog roast disco and relive your youth by pumping out some 80’s classics. Everyone brings a bottle and a sleeping bag, and those who are up for it can sleep in the tipi or maybe one of our bell tents. Then as the sun rises and your heads start to hurt, you can cook breakfast over the fire pit and start the party all over again!
  4. A christening – as a bit of a contrast to suggestion number 3, how about holding a sophisticated christening party in a tipi? It would certainly be a celebration to remember and imagine how great the photographs will look in years to come.
  5. Glamping trip – fancy yourself as a bit of a Bear Grylls? Organise a winter camping weekend with your friends. Hire some kayaks, take your fishing rods, make a camp fire and enjoy the great outdoors.
  6. Kids Christmas Party – instead of having 30 children wreck your house, save yourself the stress and hire a tipi for the kids christmas party this year. They are guaranteed to love it and the parents might just enjoy it a bit more this year too!
  7. New Year Celebrations – see the new year in by throwing a NYE party in style with a Tipi. What better way to banish the new year blues by soaking up the atmosphere of a tipi party, and continue the celebrations by hosting a breakfast buffet in the morning.

Call us now to get your quote. Maybe your event is something we haven’t yet thought of. If so, hopefully we can feature it in one of our next blogs as inspiration for others.

15% off ALL Winter bookings

Christmas Party TeepeeWe posted a message last week about Christmas Party season, and since then the All About ME team have been thinking “let’s spread the festive sparkle a bit further and offer a huge 15% discount to anyone who books a winter tipi event before August 31st 2015”

This means that if you are organising a last minute wedding, christening, birthday party, anniversary….ANY type of event between October 2015 and March 2016, and you book it with us by the end of August, you will automatically get 15% off your tipi hire AND you will get free fairy lights.

So lets do the maths for you. For every £1000 you spend, you will save £150. Just think of all the extra yummy food or delicious champagne that you could buy with that extra bit of cash.

Our Tent Tipi canvasses are guaranteed to keep your gusts warm and cosy and our fire pits make any occasion extra special by adding atmosphere and a focal point. Toast marshmallows around the large fire pit or snuggle up in a chill out tent around our smaller fire pit. The addition of heaters will provide extra warmth for colder days and nights, and our fairy lights will brighten up even the darkest of winter evenings.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to get a quote and see how much you could save off your winter tipi party. Call 01244 360 214 or email

Christmas Party Season is coming!!!!!!

Christmas office Party Tipi
“It gets earlier every year!”

“Summer hasn’t even started yet!”

“I can’t believe they are talking about Christmas already!”

We know that this is what you are all thinking. You don’t need to tell us! We are enjoying the summer as much as anyone, but please spare a minute to think about those poor PA’s, Secretaries, Office Juniors, or in our case, the Managing Director – who have to start thinking about the Christmas Party. At All About ME, the summer months are long and hard, although lots of fun, so giving our team something to look forward to is essential in keeping up morale on hot sweaty Tipi builds!

There are 178 sleeps left until Christmas Day. That’s not a lot of time to organise the most awesome Christmas office party ever is it!?!? So how about we help you out? Here is our solution in 5 easy steps;

  1. Hire a couple of Tipis from All About ME. Make sure you include a dance package and a chill out area to ensure everyone is happy! If you have land suitable at your office premises and you are allowed to use it – perfect!
  2. Call in the Caterers – a Hog Roast is a perfect Christmas Party addition. Simple, yummy and helps everyone get into the festive spirit.
  3. Provide a bar – obviously! We have the perfect bar for you to hire, and can recommend some great drinks companies, including the Double Decker Bus company who will bring along a whole bar on a bus, complete with extra chill out space on the top floor.
  4. Invite Santa – use our Pagoda tent as a Santa’s Grotto.
  5. Sit back and wait for the glory! – We can guarantee you will be heralded as the office hero for organising such as amazing party.

We have a whole host of recommended suppliers who can help to turn your Christmas Party into a really special occasion. So if it is your responsibility to organise it this year, get it sorted out soon, and make sure it is a party to remember!

Call us now for a quote on 07596 103 352. If you book your Christmas Party between October 2015 and March 2016 you will save 15% AND get FREE fairy lights. Just our way of sprinkling a special bit of festive fairy dust on your party.

Talking Tipis and Toilets!

It is understandable that guests who are invited to a wedding or any type of event in a Tipi might be concerned about the toilet situation. If you have had experiences of festivals or camping as a youngster, you may have terrible memories of blocked toilets and smelly washrooms. And everyone has had that nightmare situation of being caught short without toilet roll. It isn’t something that most of us like to talk about much, but it is a reality of every day life and like it or not, it needs to be a main concern when organising any event based in one of our tipis.

Mobile Toilets

Blue Loos Luxury Toilets

Unless the tipi is adjacent to a house or facility with suitable WC’s – suitable to cope with the number of guests expected at your event, you will need to hire mobile toilets. There are a lot of great companies out there who provide these services, but you need to be aware that you don’t have to make do with substandard, or ‘builder-type’ toilets. The range of facilities that you can get these days is vast, and some of them are positively lovely!

No we aren’t joking. We are confident enough to say that the mobile toilet facilities that we recommend for use alongside our tipis are actually very luxurious! We work alongside a company called Blue Loos and their luxury range include;

  • Quality hand soaps
  • Fresh towels
  • Full carpeted interior
  • Modern fixings and chrome finishes
  • Aesthetically pleasing exteriors
  • Automatic air fresheners
  • hot and cold running water
  • heating
  • Mirrors with soft lighting
  • Heating
  • Background music

Now that doesn’t sound like your average mobile toilet does it? Blue Loos do provide a range of options to suit individual budgets, so if your event doesn’t require such luxury, you can go with their more standard models which are still really quite lovely.

So you can reassure your guests that your event will provide more than suitable toilet facilities, plenty of toilet roll, heating and even some ambient background music if you desire. Definitely not your average festival toilet!

Tipi, Teepee or Tepee????

Tipi, Teepee or Marquee?

You say Tipi, we say Teepee!

Let’s talk Teepees! Or is it Tipi’s or Tepee – or shall we  just call it a Marquee? How about a Tent, Marquis, Kata, Giant Hat, Stratus, Cirrus……..Confused? We aren’t surprised.

So let’s try and simplify things for you. If you are here, you are probably looking for a venue to hold your Wedding, Party, Festival or some other special occasion.

You may have looked at many different Teepee/Marquee companies (oh for goodness sake – let’s just stick with Tipi for now!). So you may have been through a few TIPI company websites and now you have a lot of questions and a bit of a headache, but you are no closer to deciding what you want, where you want it, how much you want to spend and what company to hire it from!

Obviously we are going to tell you that All About ME is your best bet. Of course we would say that! But let’s try and give you a bit more information so that you can make your own informed decision;

  1. All About ME are award winning – 2 years in a row from the Wedding Industry Awards
  2. We use Tent Tipi. There is no other Tipi maker out there who produce better quality and more reliability than Tent Tipi.
  3. A Tipi is much more than a few poles and a bit of canvas. To go back to Tent Tipi, let’s use their description as an explanation; “The concept of a traditional tipi is simple and elegant.  But scale it up to giant size, add the ability to link multiple tipis together, meet modern health & safety standards, and deliver a structure that really works in practice and things get rather more difficult.It’s only when you live with your tipis in a variety of linked configurations, in a variety of weather conditions that you start to understand what does and doesn’t work. Our 25 year journey to create the Tentipi Event tipi range we have today has seen us experience all manner of site and weather conditions. It’s that experience that is built into the tried and tested, reliable products we have today. “
  4. Our Team are knowledgeable and friendly and straight talking. This is so important when you are looking for a Tipi provider, we can’t stress it enough. If we say ‘we don’t think that will work’, or ‘you don’t need that’, or ‘in our experience…..’ then we mean it with the best of intentions. We never want to stay quiet and just simply do as we are told. Of course we will work our socks off to ensure that we deliver exactly what our clients want, but we will never do it at the expense of Health and Safety, to cut corners or to save a bit of cash. We pride ourselves on being the most professional, knowledgeable, efficient, punctual, flexible, friendly, contactable – pretty much any other superlative we can come up with – Tipi company in the UK!
  5. Our clients say we are great! Why take our word for it? Just ask people who have already worked with us. We have some testimonials on our website that you can see here. But clearly we are only going to put the best testimonials on our website right? Well yes that’s true, but that’s because we honestly don’t have any bad testimonials. Of course we have received feedback, and we take on board everything that our clients say to make our service even better. There is always room for improvement and we will never stop aiming high. We want to be the best Tipi, Teepee, Marquee hire company in the World!!!!!

So we hope that helps to clear things up a bit. To summarise, you need to look for quality, reliability, a proven track record, honesty and professionalism. And that is All About ME!

St Patricks Day Celebrated in Manchester, Chester and Ellesmere Port


The UK love St Patricks Day! The whole nation seem to get involved in a celebration of all things Irish. And Manchester in particular transforms into a mini Dublin.

The Manchester Irish Festival is taking place until this Friday. There are loads of events going on in and around the city such as a St Patricks Day Parade, the Irish Festival Market and an outside broadcast by BBC Radio Manchester at the Irish World Heritage Centre.

Chester and Ellesmere Port are also getting into the Irish spirit with the Chester Chronicle posting ‘Party People Photo’s’ on its website. Take a look – there are some great photos on there! If you have a Paddy’s Day photo that you want to share with us, tweet it to @marquees_events.

If we can get our Directors into a Guinness hat at some point during the day we will tweet it later on. James doesn’t know it yet, but we have the photoshoot ready for him along with a pint of the black stuff!

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone. We hope it is lucky for you 😉


It’s all about the Memories!

If you have ever organised an event, or you have organised, or are in the process of organising your wedding, you will know just how stressful it can be. It should be an enjoyable time, but occasionally it can all get a bit overwhelming. There are so many huge important decisions to make, emails to send, bills to pay and phone calls to make, sometimes it can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

That is why we always have a trusty wedding planner on-hand to guide our clients should they need that extra bit of help. And it just so happens that the gorgeous Kristin is married to a brilliant Photographer, which makes them the perfect go-to couple when it comes to looking after those special memories of your big day.

The photographs are your lasting legacy from your wedding day so it is massively important that they are great quality and that everything runs smoothly to ensure that everything is in place when it needs to be.

Mr and Mrs W have got tons of experience between them and you really couldn’t put your day in better hands. Read some of their satisfied customers testimonials and see for yourself!

Cheers to Double Decker Bar!

So its now two weeks since our amazing Tipi Wedding! I have got so many thank you’s to make I hardly know where to start. But one thing in particular stands out as needing high praise, and that is the bar service. We just could’t have asked for a more reliable, professional and friendly bar service for the day.

The day before the wedding Paul was at the Tipis making sure everything was set up and prepared for the next day. He was counting and re-counting glasses, checking and double-checking power points and generators and generally making sure that Sam and I were happy with everything.

On the wedding day he welcomed guests with a glass of bucks fizz each, or non-alcoholic alternatives, and him and his team kept the drinks flowing all night long. He seemed to pay particular attention to our request for a certain high energy, high alcohol drink, which meant that some of our guests ended up worse for wear by the end of the night. But in my mind that was a sign of a great party. Paul had catered for everyones tastes and made sure that there was never a queue at the bar and no ones glass was ever empty.

The one thing in particular that we noticed more than anything was that Paul had a smile on his face from beginning to end. It was a flipping long day, but his smile never faltered! We would not hesitate to recommend him and cannot thank him enough for the contribution he made to our wedding day. Paul – it would not have been the same without you. Cheers!

Bunting Queen of Tipis!

Are you looking for bunting for your Wedding???? We just want to quickly say that the wedding bunting that they put up for our Open Weekend looked simply lovely. It was dusky Pink and Sage Green, which made our bar area extra special.

They can supply bunting of pretty much any colour and design, truly making them the Bunting Queen of Cheshire! Check out the website for more details or for your Christmas Bunting!


Andrew Southcott Catering

Ok so, we know we raved all day yesterday about our Open Weekend at Trafford Hall, but we haven’t quite finished yet.

Thanks to Andrew Southcott Catering for coming along and giving all of our potential Brides and Grooms information about the superb catering service they supply. They specialise in marquee events and Marquee or Tipi Weddings in particular. They are therefore the perfect choice for looking after your catering needs at your Tipi wedding, which often come with their own special requirements.

The Catering Team are highly professional and come recommended as a great Cheshire Wedding Caterer.

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